Notice: Individuals and businesses cannot place public or legal notices through this website. If you need to place a public notice, please contact a newspaper directly. Visit to find contact information for Florida's newspapers.

Search Tips

There are multiple ways to search, including by...

  • Newspaper
  • Date Range
  • Keyword
  • County

The current database (4 weeks) can contain upwards of 50,000 notices, and the archive database (3 years) can contain over 1,000,000 notices. To help you obtain more accurate results from your search, we have some suggestions:

Search by Specific Newspaper

If you know the specific newspaper a notice will be published in, ALWAYS choose that newspaper.

If you search by a specific newspaper, do not use the County fields. This will NOT help your search, and may actually hinder the results.

Search Using the Date Range

The current database consists of notices published in the past 4 weeks. For notices published in the past 3 years, go to the Archivd Notices tab on the Home page.

Search Using a Keyword

It is suggested that you search using a keyword whenever possible; this will produce fewer and more accurate results. Use keywords such as...

  • a person's name
  • a street address
  • a category of notices (bid, foreclosure, tax deed, etc)
  • a county (Citrus, Lee, Dade, etc)
  • a city (Pensacola, Bartow, Jupiter, etc)

Search by County

Each newspaper is assigned a designated County. When you search by this field, the results will be notices published in the newspaper assigned to that specific County.

If you select a specific newspaper, do NOT enter a County.

For additional help conducting a search, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Notice: Individuals and businesses cannot place public or legal notices through this website. If you need to place a public notice, please contact a newspaper directly. Visit to find contact information for Florida's newspapers.

1. Why can't I find specific notices I'm searching for?

There are several reasons why you may not get the results you're looking for. At this time, not every newspaper in the state is able to upload their notices. With time, the number of participating newspapers will grow substantially.

It is possible that some notices were left out when a newspaper uploaded a certain day's feed. It's also possible it was filed under the wrong date. We can not guarantee all notices uploaded will be error-free or complete.

The search criteria you're using could be conflicting or inaccurate. Refer to our Search Tips page for advice on how to find certain notices.

2. Why doesn't my password work?

The password, which is e-mailed to you, is randomly generated using capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols to form a combination of 13 characters. Your password is CASE SENSITIVE. The best way to enter your password is to copy and paste it exactly as it appears in your e-mail. Be sure NOT to include any possible spaces before or after the 13 character password.

If you choose to type the password, it is easy to mistake a number "1" for a lowercase letter "l". It's also easy to mistake a zero "0", with a capital letter "O". Please pay careful attention to these characters.

If you continue having difficulty, e-mail, and you will be provided with a new password.

3. What is a "Favorite"?

A "Favorite" is when you save your search criteria so you can return to and conduct the same search again. You can also have your "Favorite" search conducted automatically for you each day, and the results e-mailed to you.

4. How do I sign up to have new notices e-mailed or texted to me (e-mail and text notification features)?

You can have certain notices e-mailed or texted to you each day. To enable this feature, follow these steps...

  • Visit the homepage of the site, and enter your specific search criteria.
  • BEFORE clicking "Update", click on the Save icon next to "Save this search as a Favorite".
  • Name the search and then click "Save". Once you have saved, select your "Favorites" from the dropdown and your results will automatically display in the results section:
  • To view or manage your "Favorites", go to the side menu, select Account Settings, and click on "Manage My Saved Favorites"
  • Click the toggle button to enable or disable the "e-mail" or "text" notifications for that particular saved 'Favorite". From this page, you can also delete your saved "Favorites" from this page.

The e-mail notification and text notification features are now enabled for your saved search (Favorite). You can save as many "Favorite" searches as you would like.

5. What is a public notice?

A public notice is information informing citizens of government or government-related activities which may affect the citizen's everyday lives. The premise is that this critical information must be accessible in order for the electorate to make well-informed decisions.

6. Why are public notices published in newspapers?

Local newspapers have become the traditional medium for public notices because they are proven to be an effective method for the dissemination of information to the public through guaranteed readership.

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